No service, no problem.

When is the last time you completely disconnected from anything social media or technology related?

Up until last week, I would not have been able to answer that question...

Do I think social media is incredible for a lot of things? Absolutely. Do I think we all need to break from it more than we do? Hell yes.

Three of my friends and I took a road trip to Yellowstone National Park this month and I can honestly say it was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. Life changing. Soul awakening.

(I'll talk more about the trip in another post).

I wanted to use this entry to write about the power of social media and why it's so important to step away from once in a while, and just, be.

As soon as we began driving through the mountains towards the park, making our way through the fog and around the bends, my phone's service quickly began to disappear. Shortly following, that dreaded "No Service" popped up in the left hand corner just before the park entrance.

My feelings? Instant relief. Literal tears of joy.

I had not felt that sense of calm or peace in months.

To know that all I had to worry about was the people I was with, my cameras, and myself, was one of the most promising signs I could've asked for.

There was no option to scroll because I felt bored, to check my email, or to post all my pictures right away.

If I'm being honest, I may not have had the same experience if I wasn't forced to forget about my phone. I am SO glad that I was.

At the end of the day, it isn't about how many likes we get, how many followers we have, or how many people contact you in a day.

It's about surrounding yourself with incredible people. It's about doing things that make you uncomfortable (in a good camping for 3 nights). It's about following your sense of wonder and finding that incredible feeling of inner peace. Experiencing new things and doing so with the people you love.

I know we (including myself) read this shit all of the time, but until you actually experience it, we can't seem to put the phones down. No matter if you're in your home town or traveling somewhere new, pick your head up at least once a day, look around, and find one beautiful thing that doesn't require technology to point it out.

Expose yourself to something positive without worrying about that unread text icon or the comment notification on Instagram.

Exhale. Disconnect. Allow yourself the opportunity to take in and appreciate what's surrounding you.

Although it's MUCH easier said than done, it could be life changing.

My goal is to push myself to do this once a day until it becomes a habit. Until I'm more apt to walk around with my eyes forward instead of my face down in my phone.

Join me on my journey of disconnection.

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