Our First Adventure in a New Country Together

Crosses the border > Gets on the highway > "Wait did that say 80km?! Shit..." > Slams on breaks.

All summer I had been wanting to take a short trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. "Come on babe, let's just go for a weekend!"

Alexis probably agreed to the trip because she was sick of hearing me talk about it.

From where we live, it's only about a 5 hour drive, so I knew we could make it happen.

About one week before we left I of course decided that we needed a GoPro before taking a trip like this. But hey...we've got a couple more adventures in the books so I thought it would be well worth the investment.

She agrees to just about anything that makes me happy so on our way out of town on Friday evening we make the stop to Best Buy and buy the damn GoPro.

I'd say it was a good choice...

We ended up staying at an Airbnb 20 minutes from the Falls in Saint Catharines, Ontario. It was our first experience using Airbnb, and if they're all this great, hotels are going to be in trouble. We figured for the cost difference, why not give it a shot, and I'm so glad we did.

We had an entire lower level to ourselves that included a living area (couches, TV, etc.), a full bathroom, bedroom, mini fridge, and home gym.

The "Superhost," as she's titled on the Airbnb site/app, had any "extra" that a hotel would offer plus some. A hot tub, toiletries, all kinds of pamphlets and menus for the best things to do/places to eat in the area, and even has bottled water and wine ready for her guests.

We had a great first experience and would recommend Airbnb to anyone iffy on trying it out. Just read the reviews and you'll be golden.

Saturday was our first day at the Falls. We got there early afternoon and had a perfect first day exploring.

They offered a discounted package deal for four of the attractions and it was well worth the $60/person.

Along with the attractions, you got access to the bus routes which were super helpful in making it to the next attraction on time or at the end of a long day when you don't feel like walking to your car over a mile away ;)

Day 1 we completed 3 of the 4 attractions. We started with "Journey Behind the Falls," where you walk through underground tunnels and end up at between the American and Canadian Falls but instead of looking down at them, you're literally almost underneath them.

As cool as this was, there were 2 of the 4 attractions I personally enjoyed much more.

After "Journey Behind the Falls" we made our way to "Niagara Fury" which is basically a 4D history lesson on how the Falls were naturally created and the evolution they've taken over the years. If you've never experienced any sort of story in 4D, it's a must.

It was awesome to learn about this and feel like you were apart of it from the start, however I was sick for about 20 minutes afterwards trying to dismiss the nausea and feel normal walking on the ground again...if I would've taken Dramamine this experience would've felt much more enjoyable, lol.

The last attraction we took on for day 1 was the "White Water Walk." I honestly didn't expect much out of this and boy was I wrong. This was the most beautiful experience I have ever had.

Although you don't see the Falls themselves during this, the half mile walk down the trail right up against the Niagara River is the most unreal experience I can remember having while traveling. I couldn't stop talking about it as we were down there. The fact that places like this are naturally created and exist on Earth is just unbelievable. I am still in awe and would go back a thousand more times to this exact spot.

After the "White Water Walk" we caught a bus back to the car and took the short drive back to our Airbnb. With grumbling bellies and a quick freshen up, we were off to dinner. Our host couldn't stop raving about this burger place, and let me tell you...we are burger people, so of course we agreed to give it a try.

Hambrgr in Saint Cathariens, Ontario legitimately cooked up two of the most incredible burgers and some of the tastiest fries we have ever had. I am waiting for the day that these can be topped.

After dinner we headed back to the Airbnb and took a relaxing 15 minute soak in the hot tub.

Day 2 we had one last attraction to take advantage of, the "Niagara Falls Boat Tour." After packing up our belongings, we headed back to the Falls. We were a bit leary of this because we had heard the average minimum wait time is about 1 hour, but the day prior was up to 2. Somehow we got through the line and on to the boat within 15 minutes... HALLELUJAH.

As crowded as the boat was, it was breathtaking to be able to experience the Falls so close. For the couple other attractions we received ponchos, it seemed to be a bit for looks...the boat tour was definitely not the same case. Within a couple minutes of taking off from the dock we were so thankful for those ponchos.

All in all, we had an incredible trip. This was by far my favorite adventure of ours so far. If you're contemplating a trip to the Falls, do it, you will not regret it one bit. We cannot wait to go back!

If you'd like a short visual recap of our trip, I have pasted a video below :) Enjoy!

Travel. Adventure. Explore. <3 Sophie

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