Welcome to my Blog, Sophul of Color

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

My name is Sophie - Welcome to my blog, Sophul of Color

(To learn a bit more about me, click here).

This is a lifestyle blog focusing on self-care / mental health, daily essentials, LGBTQ, and travel.

My goal is to inspire anyone that reads to find happiness, be the most authentic you that you can be, and give insight to how I practice creating a life that feels exciting, fulfilling, and manageable.

What does a life in color look like to me?

A life in color looks like...

Laughing until you can't breathe, loving those closest to us, practicing self-care, traveling, and experience.

A life in color looks like...

Celebrating the little things, holding hands with the person you love, practicing a healthy lifestyle (while indulging in a burger and ice cream when you feel like it), and remaining humble and selfless no matter what.

A life in color looks like whatever fills you with joy and whatever takes you to new heights of emotion.

What does a life in color look like to you?

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